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"Reading on Paper and Digitally"

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Ler em papel ou digital: Suportes rivais ou complementares?

Reflection of João Baeta (Administrator of Olegário Fernandes)

Although we are witnessing an irreversible passage from reading on paper to digital, let us imagine that as of today we were deprived of reading on paper (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.), that everything went digital. How many millions of people were deprived of reading and knowledge because they did not have access to digital or because they did not master the new technologies. It seems simple but it is already a reality today, given the speed with which technologies are developed and implemented. We exclude the weakest from access to culture, denying them the right to read on paper.

I know what it means for the average citizen, the difficulty they have when it comes to accessing new reading methods. I was not always a great reader of books but the books I read were many and various. I recognise how much that has contributed to the “little” that I am in the world, where the weakest are becoming, contrary to what is often imposed on us, always the most ignored.

Belas, March 4th, 2021

Lusophone Association

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This new association comes from early contacts that since 2013 the Polish Guild of Gutenberg’s Knights has developed in Portugal, contacting Portuguese entrepreneurs and personalities, who share the same ideals and values, with the aim of creating the Portuguese branch of the Gutenberg's Knights.

The idea of this confraternity was born in France from where it was extended to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland. The Polish brotherhood, chaired by Chancellor Jacek Kuśmierczyk, promotes and defends the values of a just and fraternal Europe, spreading the language and culture of the people, contributing to the preservation of the printed word and its improvement and development. It also promotes literacy and the diffusion of education and culture, especially among children and adolescents. [ more ]

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Celebrating an anniversary
Porto, 22nd of june 2018

550th anniversary of Gutenberg’s death
by A. Guilhermino Pires


Porto, June 2020

Call for the General Electoral Assembly
Call for the General Electoral Assembly of the Cavaleiros de Gutenberg - Associação Lusófona, which will take place at the headquarters at Estrada Nacional 108, no. 206, 4300-316 Porto, on the 26th June 2020, with start at 3 p.m.

Porto 2019

In accordance with the Minute of the Annual General Meeting of Members of CAVALEIROS DE GUTENBERG – ASSOCIAÇÃO LUSÓFONA of April 1, 2019, it was decided to set an annual membership fee at 50,00 € (fifty euro), payable in the first half of each year, or a lifetime membership fee, for members who choose this option, a single lump sum payment of 500,00 € (five hundred euro).


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Cooperation Lunch

Sept 2021
"As part of Mr. Chen Liang’s - CEO of Exceed Techlink visit to Portugal, Cavaleiros de Gutenberg - Associação Lusófona promoted a cooperation lunch “China/Portugal business opportunities"...”
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Art of Color 2021

Sept 2021
"Upon the invitation by Jacek Kuśmierczyk - Chancellor of PBKG, Cavaleiros de Gutenberg - Associação Lusófona participated in the “Art of Color” event and supported Chen Liang’s investiture ceremony”
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Revista T&G

jan/feb 2021
"The Gutenberg Knights Organize a Event About Reading...”
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Magazine DOPAPEL

march 2021
"Reading on paper and digital was the theme of an online Luso-Brazilian event, organized by Cavaleiros de Gutenberg – Associação Lusófona, which brought together around 100 people.”